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Boxercise is designed to be very user-friendly and our classes are suitable for adults aged 18yrs old+.  Our class gives you an opportunity to train in boxing moves without the physical contact involved in sparring


Boxercise will                                                                                        

  • raise your heart rate

  • improve your overall fitness

  • help release aggression

  • improve mental clarity, concentration and focus

  • help burn fat

  • tone muscles

  • improve hand-eye co-ordination

  • improve your balance and timing


What to expect at our Boxercise class?

Although all classes will differ slightly, our typical Boxercise class will probably involve:

  • pad work

  • punches

  • kicks (sometimes)

  • circuit training

  • shadow-boxing

  • squats

  • blocks

  • sit-ups

  • press-ups



Based on basic boxing techniques combined with aerobic and anaerobic exercise, this fun, fast-paced exercise class is fundamentally non-confrontational: you won't find yourself in the ring sparring :-)

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